Green Initiative

SQ Station is SQ's mini industrial hub shaped with the belief that You can't have best of everything, you have to make best of everything. By making best of the Station, we want to promote SQ to our customers as a unique Service supplier rather than a meager Product maker.

The Station is located 64 km north of Dhaka at Jamirdia, Valuka, on the Dhaka–Mymensingh highway. Relatively small but ever expanding Station, currently being developed on about 30 acres of land, accommodates the Group's all businesses and supply chain supporting industries.

Our Station, a glaring example of operational sustainability, enjoys well developed infrastructure with internal roads, utilities and security system. Some of the essential centralized facilities built for backing the core business and supporting industries are highlighted here.

Power generation

The centralized power generation facility is capable of producing the required electricity for all business units of the Station. The facility currently produces power using both natural gas and diesel fuel. All generators are synchronized to enable matching of power output to actual consumption, thus saving costly fuel expenditure. Keeping provisions to further capacity enhancement, this captive power house is well positioned to meet the future energy demand of the Station. A team of qualified professionals are currently exploring the options of utilizing solar power and co-generation techniques as part of our Green cost saving objectives.

Water distribution

Our centralized water collection and distribution is designed to optimize the water consumption for different type of uses. A water purification unit makes use of both ground water as well as harvested rain water and supplies it for general washing and human use. It also takes the ETP treated water and channels them for use in toilet flushing, landscape watering and in the constructed wetlands. The integrity of this entire process is ensured by a team of dedicated professionals through continuous monitoring and regular testing measures.

Effluent Treatment Plant

The entire chemical and water waste generated at the Station is channeled through the ETP before releasing them to the environment. The treatment is done through a process called bacterial respiration, which conforms to the local environmental regulatory requirements. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. Thus, an initiative has been made to further improve the existing ETP into a zero-release facility. This will take the installation above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements and will set a new standard in the effluent treatment process.


A centralized eating facility for the employees is under construction with the most suitable modern amenities. The uniquely designed cafeteria building employs the latest Green technology to maintain a pleasant and cool environment using only natural ventilation. The structure is open on all sides and is surrounded by artificially created water bodies to take advantage of the evaporation cooling effect. A waste disposal system will recycle all organic waste into fertilizer for the landscaping. Features such as, louvers will restrict the penetration of direct sunlight while light shelf and prismatic sky lights will allow indirect daylight to reach 90% of the interior space. On completion, the cafeteria will meet the demand of all employees working in the Station at its full strength. Having such world class health and hygiene maintained facility will be a great value addition to the Station.


The Group has undertaken a project to build a central state-of-the-art warehouse facility at the Station. This facility, with a total space of 30,000 sft and having multi-level racking system, will be able to store 60,000 tons of yarn and fabric. The entire operation of the warehouse will be controlled through cutting-edge warehouse management software with great traceability for materials. With this centralized facility, all Station based units will enjoy enormous flexibility in their raw material management and leverage productivity in the day-to-day business. This installation will certainly be a source of competitive advantage for the Group.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is a 56 bed facility designed to provide a high standard of healthcare in a caring, friendly and familiar environment to our workers. It is being built on 15,000 sft spaces following an appropriate design. The Centre emphasizes on providing 24 hours trauma and emergency services, in addition to a range of general healthcare, and adequate supply of OTC medicines. We have our full time resident doctors and nurses to meet varied range of healthcare expectations. Once the Medical Centre is completed, our primary healthcare support will be extended beyond what we can offer. The facility will allow us to invite visiting specialists for treatments covering diverged spectrum of ailments.

Residential Quarters

A six-storied fully serviced apartment facility is in place to provide accommodation to our expatriate employees and some other designated officials at the Station. With all the basic functionalities and a secured environment, this building is meeting the accommodation requirements of the existing station-based employees. With the growth of the business further accommodations are planned for construction within the Station.

Corporate Club

SQ Corporate Club is being designed on a land measuring ten acres within very close vicinity of SQ Station. Amidst lush green natural surroundings, particular care is given in designing the Club to leave the natural beauty of the location untouched. The buildings are designed to form part of the undulated landscape rather than dominating it. In terms of amenities it is intended to serve as a business hotel while resembling a hideaway resort. We believe that the Club will be an appeal for our talented professionals, especially foreign nationals, to escape the daily commuting hassles from Dhaka while enjoying the luxury of a quality life with leisure and style.