Lingerie, first divergence of merchandise by SQ, is at a nascent stage. The company is named fittingly as SQ Birichina Ltd, with the meaning of Birichina being 'naughty' in Italian – a witty representation of the attire's sensitivity. Birichina was established in 2008 with a capacity of only six flexible modules in partnership with Quantum Clothing Ltd, a UK based conglomerate and dedicated supplier to Marks & Spencer. In 2010, we bought over the shares held by Quantum and now Birichina is fully owned by us.


Although fairly new, Birichina offers its clienteles a highly distinguished intimate wear applying latest technology, like seam free bonded products, ultrasonic laser cut application with exquisite quality and design. Machineries are constantly upgraded in order to take full advantage of the new technology as it comes to the market. Birichina operates on a modular manufacturing system with low work in progress and an ability to respond quickly to the sales patterns. Birichina is being developed as a fully integrated unit covering fabric to finished products within the same premises.


The factory is built on 128,000 sft and has an assembly capacity of 46 modules. In order to augment the style elasticity and cost competence, we decided to invest greatly on capacity expansion. Currently, the facility has built additional 97,000 sft and extended the capacity to 110 modules from June 2014.


The strategy here is to stay on top in terms of size and verticality with other leading performers, while drive for innovation and technological supremacy to match with regional elites to entice the best patrons and better values.

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